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Arco-Iris Awards 2006 / ILGA Portugal

Photo Report
In the last Saturday, the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Lisbon was the place where the "Arco-Iris" (Rainbow) awards from Ilga Portugal Association where delivered.

This year the awarded were : "Aqui não há quem viva" - Teresa Guilherme Produções; "Laramie" - Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, under the artistic direction of Diogo Infante; Luís Grave Rodrigues (lawyer), Teresa Pires e Helena Paixão, who where the first same-sex couple to try to get a civil marriage license in Portugal; São José Almeida journalist, from Público; and the Government Unit for the Penal Code Reform.

In the past year the awards where presented to "The Gift" music group for the music "Driving you Slow" ("AM-FM" CD), and Fernanda Câncio for journalism.

According to Ilga Portugal this awards are delivered to persons or institutions that have developed work in any area that promote a more democratic and open society and where the differences between persons are a motive for honour and respect, and not a reason for exclusion, repression or offence.

Unfortunately in this forth edition, even after the news reports on Público and El Pais (spain) newspapers and Focus magazine there was no TV coverage of the event.


Arco-Iris Awards 2006 / ILGA PortugalManuel Moraes, Ilga PortugalRui Pereira and Helena Mourão, representing Government Unit for the Penal Code ReformHelena Mascarenhas, representing Teatro Maria Matos, receiving the award from Miguel Pinto (Ilga Portugal)Helena Mascarenhas and Manuel Claro, Teatro Maria MatosTeresa Pires and Helena PaixãoLuis Grave Rodrigues
11 November 2006
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