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Extra: Sydney Gay Games - Photo Report 5 - Badminton, Bowling e Ciclismo

Photo Report

With a very small number of viewers but with about 300 participants almost "boxed" in several pavilions. Like other sports there wheer several grades of participation and divisions including mixed pairs games.


This was a plus for USA participants and had a grand total of 700 participants. Unfortunalty altough the organization was very gay friendly (has you can see in the pictures) it was not that gay-media friendly and some of this pics had to be taken almost "undercover". Cycling

We cannot be everywhere and we only have pics of the road cycling. But the Gay Games 2002 also had more "radical" stuf including Cross-Country Mountain Bike Race and some less sporty but also fun recreational side events. Triathlon (that includes cycling) was also part of the official program of the games.







Gay Games Sydney 2002

19 October 2003
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