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Extra: Pride Rio 2002, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Photo Report
This is a brief photo report of Rio de Janeiro gay parade that gather more than 200'000 persons.


200'000 persons filled up Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro in an unforgetable gay parade.A beatifull sunny day, gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexual, friends, all where there showing their citizenship.Elza Soares, the 60 year old singer with the energy of a teenager, loved by all gay brasilians, sang the national hithen at the parade's opening.Fernanda Abreu, brasilian superstar, swing singer was also there to support the eventFernando Gabeira, liberal politician and always a supporter of gay issuesThere where participants from all over Brasil. This particular group was from Minas Gerais.Marina Lima, pop singer and gay icon. Eduardo Soares ex-Security Secretary of Rio de Janeiro State, and the responsable then by specific political measures to protect the gay citizens.Marisa Orth, TV star, and always a GLBT supporter, represented São Paulo city in this parade.Gay boys from Copacabana went directly from the beach to the parade wearing only a swimming suit.
30 June 2002
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