Barcelona Pride 2002, Barcelona, Spain

Photo Report
This year was the 25th anniversary of first gay pride parade in Spain (Barcelona, 1977). The manifestation joined about 5000 people, started at 19:00 in the Plaça Universitat, went down the Ramblas and finished in the Plaça de Sant Jaume. The Barcelona Manifestation of this year was over political issues, not having participation of the bares/discos/restaurants that in other years had increased the size and festive caracter of manifestation/parade. Coordenadora Gay-Lésbica, an organization that groups six GLBT associations of Catalonia, did not participate for disagreeing with some with the aspects of the manifesto that was read in the end of the manifestation, in the Plaça de Sant Jaume, where its located the City Council of Barcelona and the seat of Autnomic Goverment of Catalonia.

Photos for PortugalGay.PT by Gonçalo in Barcelona


28 of June: International Day for the Freedom of Lesbians, Gays and Transexuals. Unitary Commission 28-J. [This was the banner that headed the manifestation]Banner at Catalonia SquarePeopleShowing supportLife goes onPeopleExoticYou are out, now get out of the gueto. Gay world also discriminates'Gays and Lesbians earning new spaces of freedom', FACG - Front of Gay Freedom of CataloniaDrag Queens and TravestisPeopleBrasilian groupOnly fighting we will be sexually free!PeoplePeopleNo more homofobic advertising. Today yes: a perfect day (about Donuts ad)traveling dykes, imigrant lesbiansWe are deaf and gay! So what?Equality, Freedom, Sexuality. ERC - Republican Left of CataloniaBEARCELONA - Bears of BarcelonaPeoplePeoplePeopleGays and Lesbians Parents Association: 'For all the same rights'International Amnisty, Catalonia, GLBT groupTransexuals for equal rightsBEARCELONA - Bears of BarcelonaA lesbian coupleA gay couple
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