The Queen e Freddie Mercury

Em 1968, Brian May e Tim Staffell, ambos estudantes no Imperial College, decidiram iniciar uma banda. Brian colocou um anúncio a pedir um baterista, e um estudante de medicina chamado Roger Taylor ficou com o lugar. O grupo chamava-se "SMILE". No ano seguinte assinaram contrato com a Mercury Records. Tim Staffel estudava no Ealing College of Art com Freddie Bulsara e apresentou-o à banda. Em 1970 a banda acabou. Freddie juntou-se com Brian e Roger e foi assim que tudo começou! Freddie mudou o seu nome para Mercury, e a banda passou a ser "Queen", entretanto John Deacon juntou-se ao grupo em 1971. O resto é história...

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Freddie Mercury
Farrokh Bulsara nasceu a 5 de Setembro de 1946 filho de Bomi e Jer Bulsara, Zanzibar. Freddie mudou-se para a India em 1947. Estudou perto Bombay onde teve também lições de piano. A família mudou-se para Inglaterra 1963. Continuou os seus estudos tendo um Diploma em Artes Gráficas e Design em 1969. Teve a sua primeira banda "a sério" em 1969, nos IBEX. Freddie Mercury faleceu em 24 de Novembro 1991, um dia depois de dizer ao mundo que era seropositivo.

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Greatest Hits III (1999)

1. Show Must Go On, The - (with Elton John) 2. Under Pressure - (rah mix, with David Bowie) 3. Barcelona - Freddie Mercury/Montserrat Caballe 4. Too Much Love Will Kill You 5. Somebody To Love - (with George Michael) 6. You Don't Fool Me 7. Heaven For Everyone 8. Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love) 9. Driven By You - Brian May 10. Living On My Own - Freddie Mercury 11. Let Me Live 12. Great Pretender, The - Freddie Mercury 13. Princes Of The Universe 14. Another One Bites The Dust - (with Wyclef Jean/Pras Michael/Free) 15. No-One But You (only The Good Die Young) 16. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 17. Thank God It's Christmas - (bonus track)

Made in Heaven (1999)

1. It's a beautiful day 2. Made in Heaven 3. Let me live 4. Mother love 5. My life has been saved 6. I was born to love you 7. Heaven for everyone 8. Too much love will kill you 9. You don't fool me 10. Winter's tale

Greatest Hits I & II (1995)
Disc 1
1. Bohemian Rhapsody 2. Another One Bites The Dust 3. Killer Queen 4. Fat Bottomed Girls 5. Bicycle Race 6. You're My Best Friend 7. Don't Stop Me Now 8. Save Me 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 10. Somebody To Love 11. Now I'm Here 12. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 13. Play The Game 14. Flash 15. Seven Seas Of Rhye 16. We Will Rock You 17. We Are The Champions

Disc 2
1. Kind Of Magic, A 2. Under Pressure - (with David Bowie) 3. Radio Ga Ga 4. I Want It All 5. I Want To Break Free 6. Innuendo 7. It's A Hard Life 8. Breakthru 9. Who Wants To Live Forever 10. Headlong 11. Miracle, The 12. I'm Going Slightly Mad 13. Invisible Man, The 14. Hammer To Fall 15. Friends Will Be Friends 16. Show Must Go On, The 17. One Vision

Classic Queen (1995)

1. Kind Of Magic, A 2. Bohemian Rhapsody 3. Under Pressure 4. Hammer To Fall 5. Stone Cold Crazy 6. One Year Of Love 7. Radio Ga Ga 8. I'm Going Slightly Mad 9. I Want It All 10. Tie Your Mother Down 11. Miracle, The 12. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 13. One Vision 14. Keep Yourself Alive 15. Headlong 16. Who Wants To Live Forever 17. Show Must Go On, The

Flash Gordon (Soundtrack) (1994)

1. Flash 2. In the space capsule 3. Ming's theme (in the court of ming the merciless) 4. Ring (hypnotic seduction of dale) 5. Football fight 6. In the death cell 7. Execution of flash 8. Kiss (aura resurrects flash) 9. Arboria (planet of the tree men) 10. Escape from the swamp 11. Flash to the rescue 12. Vultan's theme (attack of the hawk men) 13. Marriage of dale and ming (and flash approaching) 14. Battle theme 15. Wedding march 16. Crash and dive on mingo city 17. Flash's theme reprise (victory celebrations) 18. Hero 19. Flash's Theme - (bonus track)
(Pista 19 apenas no CD EUA)

Innuendo (1991)

1. Innuendo 2. I'm Going Slightly Mad 3. Headlong 4. I Can't Live With You 5. Don't Try So Hard 6. Ride The Wild Wind 7. All God's People 8. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 9. Delilah 10. Hitman, The 11. Bijou 12. Show Must Go On, The
(Lista de músicas do CD EUA)

Barcelona (Freddy Mercury) (Original: 1987)

1. Barcelona 2. La Japonaise 3. Fallen Priest, The 4. Ensueno 5. Golden Boy, The 6. Guide Me Home 7. How Can I Go On 8. Overture Piccante

Live at Wembley '86 (Original: 1986)

Disc 1
1. One Vision 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. In The Lap Of The Gods 4. Seven Seas Of Rhye 5. Tear It Up 6. Kind Of Magic, A 7. Under Pressure 8. Another One Bites The Dust 9. Who Wants To Live Forever 10. I Want To Break Free 11. Impromptu 12. Brighton Rock Solo 13. Now I'm Here

Disc 2
1. Love Of My Life 2. Is This The World We Created 3. You're So Square 4. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) 5. Tutti Frutti 6. Gimme Some Lovin' (Jam) 7. Bohemian Rhapsody 8. Hammer To Fall 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 10. Big Spender 11. Radio Ga Ga 12. We Will Rock You 13. Friends Will Be Friends 14. We Are The Champions 15. God Save The Queen

A Kind of Magic (Original: 1986)

1. One Vision 2. Kind Of Magic, A 3. One Year Of Love 4. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure 5. Friends Will Be Friends 6. Who Wants To Live Forever? 7. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) 8. Don't Lose Your Head 9. Princes Of The Universe 10. Forever 11. One Vision - (extended version)

The Works (Original: 1984)

1. Radio Ga Ga 2. Tear It Up 3. It's A Hard Life 4. Man On The Prowl 5. Machines (Back To Humans) 6. I Want To Break Free 7. Keep Passing The Open Windows 8. Hammer To Fall 9. Is This The World We Created 10. I Go Crazy - (bonus track) 11. Radio Ga Ga (extended version) + 12. I Want To Break Free (extended version) +
(Pistas 10, 11 e 12 apenas no CD EUA)

News of the World (Original: 1977)

1. We Will Rock You 2. We Are The Champions 3. Sheer Heart Attack 4. All Dead, All Dead 5. Spread Your Wings 6. Fight From The Inside 7. Get Down, Make Love 8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk 9. Who Needs You 10. It's Late 11. My Melancholy Blues 12. We Will Rock You - (1991 remix) +
(Pista 12 apenas no CD EUA)

A Night in the Opera (Original: 1975)

1. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...) 2. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon 3. I'm In Love With My Car 4. You're My Best Friend 5. '39 6. Sweet Lady 7. Seaside Rendezvous 8. Prophet's Song, The 9. Love Of My Life 10. Good Company 11. Bohemian Rhapsody 12. God Save The Queen 13. I'm In Love With My Car - (1991 Bonus remix, by Mike Shipley) 14. You're My Best Friend - (1991 Bonus remix, by Matt Wallace)
(pistas 13 e 14 apenas no CD EUA)

Queen II (Original: 1974)

1. Procession 2. Father To Son 3. White Queen (As It Began) 4. Some Day One Day 5. Loser In The End, The 6. Ogre Battle 7. Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke 8. Nevermore 9. March Of The Black Queen, The 10. Funny How Love Is 11. Seven Seas Of Rhye 12. See What A Fool I've Been - (orig. B-side) + 13. Ogre Battle - (1991 remix, bonus track) 14. Seven Seas Of Rhye - (1991 remix) +
(pistas 12, 13 e 14 apenas no CD EUA)

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