Extra: São Paulo / Brasil - gay day at Hopi Hari and Pride March

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In the 1st and 2nd June, Brasil witnessed two unprecedented manifestations in its history: 12'000 people filled up the gigantic Hopi-Hari theme park in the suburbs of São Paulo, in an entretaining and socializing event, in the following day, the gay and lesbian pride march got more than 700'000 filling completly the imense Av. Paulista, in the heart of São Paulo, in one of the biggest pride parades that ever took place in the planet.

This is a record of those events that was ordered by the brasilian gay maganize Homens, that gave us the rights for the not edited pictures. All the pics where taken with the consent of the represented persons, so most of them are posed, however, even so the comotion and fun that everyone had in being out without fear of being beaten or repressed, was so much, that gives a special touch to the pictures.

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Pedro Stephan is a multi-men: journalism, video, photography, music, he works in several areas, now a colaborator of SG Press, a brasilian gay editor, writing articles for the several magazines of the group.
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São Paulo

São Paulo: 1st and 2nd June 2002São Paulo: 1st and 2nd June 2002

Hopi Hari

Hopi Hari: 9:00 AM, lots of people arriving.... Hopi Hari: 9:00 AM, queues are building up.... Hopi Hari: ... but nobody gets bored. Drags Rita Lee and Fernanda Abreu Cover, (imitating brasilian popstars), where there.Hopi Hari: also thousands of gay teenagers, with lots of fun. The boy on the right covered with a flag of São Paulo state.Hopi Hari: a team of travestis that look like a simple girls group near one of the toys.Hopi Hari: Lesbians where sexy, modern and wonderfull.Hopi Hari: Lots of couples and romance was in the air.

Marcha do Orgulho

Pride March: Dikes on Bikes opening the parade. Each one with a rose in the hand.Pride March: Politicians where there also, including the city mayor elected with the gay supportPride March: also famous 'telenovela' (soap operas) actors like Jose Wilker...Pride March: ... and Vera Holtz.Pride March: Not all where welcome... the TV presenter Luciana Jimenes that has ridicularized a lesbian couple was a source of protests in the paradePride March: More than 15 huge sound cars, each one with a famous DJ to put people dancing on the streets.Pride March: Like in every pride march, tons of drags with lots of pride and patriotism, with focus on the brasilian flag colors: yellow and green...Pride March: ... or the strong pink like Miss Pinky!Pride March: Lots of go-go boys dancing and dancing... some a lit bit too much on the performance side, but the public seems to like it...Pride March: ... an angel? ... Pride March: ... but lots of fun!Pride March: The pride march started at 2:00PM and ended up at 8:00PM with and incredible show for thousans of persons by Laura.
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