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Marching against homophobia by Vatican, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo Report
In the last sunday at 14:00 in front of the Nossa Senhora da Paz church on the very "chic" Ipanema naighborwood right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, GLBT activist did a public act of reproval with the support of artists and politicians.

The traffic was stoped; the National Hithem was song in a celebration of democracy and a State of right and lay; speaches were done and to finish a big kissing took place.

All that because of the recent homofobic document of the Vatican regarding the legal recognition of same-sex partnerships.

In the first picture from left to right: Milton Cunha, famous designer of Carnival preformances; Carlos Minc, deputy on the state parlment that supports GLBT rights; Luis Carlos Lacerda, film maker and open gay known as the "mustache"; Claudio Mascimento, president of the GLBT group Arco Iris.


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3 August 2003
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