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Opening of CheckpointLX

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It was opened today the first rapid spot for HIV testing, anonymous, confidential and free, targeted at men who have sex with men, CheckpointLX.

With governmental, Ana Jorge, Minister of Health, was present for the inauguration of this initiative of the GAT - Portuguese Group of Activists on Treatment of HIV/AIDS directed to the population of men who have sex with men.

Located in the Príncipe Real considered by many the gay neighborhood of Lisbon, where we can find a concentration of bars and restaurants that has as its customers this population. And this project has colaborated with these sites and several are promoting the information.

CheckpointLX provides a service for rapid testing (available in 30 minutes) with the aim of contributing to the early detection of HIV and to ensure monitoring, routing and efficient access to the NHS for all who need it.

The service also provides specific information on how to prevent HIV transmission. This project will also contribute toward the goals of the National Program for Prevention and Control of HIV Infection AIDS, focused on the community of men who have sex with men.

Lisbon gained a new service for control of HIV/AIDS, an area architected by Nuno Rodrigues-Pereira, where we can find airy space with simple and functional offices, all this complemented by soft lighting. The CheckpointLX reminds more of a spa than an area where we will do the screening of HIV/AIDS. Maybe we should have this kind of environment in all health services dedicated to the general population.

This is a project funded by pharmaceutical companies, national and international foundations, the ADIS/AIDS program, and individual donations.

Although the service is aimed at men who have sex with men, is open for all people who need its services.

Travessa Monte do Carmo, nº2; 1200-277 Lisboa; phone: +351-910693158; and





Gabinete de Atendimento

Gabinete de Atendimento
18 April 2011
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