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Places w/ Photos

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4 Hotels/Pensões
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8 Bars
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5 Discos
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2 Saunas

Bemposta, Lisbon, Mira, Valença, Oporto, Sobreda


  Estalagem Solar dos Marcos  4 Photos 29/3/2013
 Rua de Santa Cruz (Bemposta/Mogadouro)
hotelaria.marcos@gmail.com http://www.solar-dos-marcos.com/
279570010 279570019 


 Apartamento Príncipe Real  6 Photos 18/5/2008
Príncipe Real
This small but compact apartment sleeps up to five people. It sits in the neighbourhood of Principe Real, laid out in 1860 as a residential quarter .You are surrounded by cafes, some of them outdoors in the park just up the street. It is Walking distance to Bairro Alto, the trendiest of all districts and to the Botanical Garden designed in the mid 19th century ,boasting a variety of rare species. This is a gay friendly district with its many nightclubs and bars, literally just outside the door. You walk into a very cosy living room area with a double sofa bed, TV and DVD. There is a room with a double bed and another smaller room with a single bed. The petite kitchen with a big ceiling window that lets in natural light is equipped with a gas stove, microwave, table and chairs. There is one bathroom with a shower.

- Living room with double sofa bed
- Room with a double bed
- Room with a single bed
- Kitchen with gas stove, microwave, table and chairs
- Bathroom with shower

- TV
- Internet
- Hair dryer
- Oil heaters
- Kitchen ware - all you need
 As Janelas Verdes  1 Photo 24/10/2004
Double Room, 2 PAX, WC, Phone, Air Conditioned: from 195 EUR. Visa, Multibanco, American Express.
 Rua das Janelas Verdes, 47
jverdes@heritage.pt http://www.heritage.pt
213968143 213968144 
  Bar 106 Map   2 Photos 19/5/2006
Open every day from 9:00PM till 2:00 AM
 Rua São Marçal, 106
bar106@bar106.com http://www.bar106.com/
21342 7373 213950151 
 Brasileira do Chiado Map   3 Photos 30/10/2003
Open every day from 8:00AM till 10:00PM
 Rua Garrett, 120/122
213469541 Baixa-Chiado 
 Cru Map   1 Photo 26/11/2012

 Rua São Marçal, 170
 Finalmente Map   1 Photo 25/1/2014
Open every day from 10:00PM till 6:00AM
 Rua da Palmeira, 38
  ILGA Portugal Map   1 Photo 29/3/2013
Check website for more info
LGBT Rights Association
 Rua de São Lázaro, 88
ilga-portugal@ilga.org http://www.ilga-portugal.pt
218873918 218873922 Martin Moniz 
 Memorial Map   1 Photo 19/1/2009
Open from 11:00PM till 4:00AM. Closed on Mondays
 Rua Gustavo de Matos Sequeira, 42
 Portas Largas Map   1 Photo 15/4/2003
Open every day from 8:00PM till 4:00AM
 Rua da Atalaia, 105
 Spartacus Map   1 Photo 20/11/2010
Open every day from 3:00PM till 9:00AM.
Entry: 12 EUR.
 Largo Trindade Coelho, 2
 SS Bar Map   1 Photo 30/11/2003
 Calçada do Patriarcal, 38
  Trumps Map   1 Photo 21/4/2010
Open Fridays and Saturdays from 11:45PM till 6:00AM.
Home page with calendar, dj info, etc.
 Rua da Imprensa Nacional, 104B

Mira, Valença

  Quinta da Devesa Map   14 Photos 24/4/2013

 Estrada da Devesa
935809964 251826801 


 Cozzza Rio Map   5 Photos 23/12/2003
Open from 11:00AM till 2:00AM, closes on sundays.
A new restaurant under the same management of the old Bzzz. Groups by reservation (70 seated places). Economic Lunch.
 Rua de São Francisco, 8
222000712 1M, 10M (Av. Aliados: 1M-13M) (S.Bento) 
 Syndicato Map   4 Photos 31/8/2014
Open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and eves of public holiday. From 23:00 to 4:00. Show around 2:30.
 Rua do Bonjardim, 836
Av. Aliados: 1M-13M Trindade (Aliados) 
 Thermas 205 Map   18 Photos 23/11/2013
Open daily from 14:00 to 4:00. Friday and Saturday open till 9:00 (AM next day)
 Rua Guedes de Azevedo 203 (Porta 205)
222057533 Av. Aliados: 1M-13M Trindade (Aliados) 


 Mister Gay Map   1 Photo 22/1/2002
 Quinta da Silveira, Via Rápida Costa da Caparica
917601446, 962586803 

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Resources in Places w/ Photos:
4 Hotels/Pensões
1 Assoc.
8 Bars
1 Cafe
5 Discos
7 Links 18 Places w/ Photos
2 Restaurants
2 Saunas

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© 1996-2015 PortugalGay®.pt - Todos os direitos reservados

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